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Caravan Day 8 Thru 13 – Upper Fundy Bay – 285 Miles

We took off from Ponderosa Pines RV Park in Hopewell Cape New Brunswick and headed out for Nova Scotia. We made a stop at a Walmart, mostly for wineglasses, and filled up nearby.

Unfortunately we had run ourselves low enough on gas, we ended up having to fuel up at one of the more expensive gas stations in New Brunswick and to get 243 liters (64.307 gallons) at 1.92 per liter or $5.59 US per gallon.

Note to self: Watch the fuel level better.

Further down the road, we paid our first Canadian tool of $5.25 CA to get into Novia Scotia. Due to the length of the drive we overnighted at Elm River Campground in Glenholme Nova Scotia at the 119 mile mark.

The next day we ended up at Cove Oceanfront Campground in Packers Cove Novia Scotia with the most incredible views of the Bay of Fundy thru the front of the RV.

Packers Cove at Low Tide
Packer Cove at High Tide

We drove into Digby, which much to our surprise was a town and not a type of scallop. We had Digby Scallops before, but didn’t realize they were called that due to the town.

It was our birthday dinner. I will not share which birthday it was.

Nova Scotia is proving to be a most beautiful province. It is becoming somewhat gentrified, which is sad, but probably a good thing for the region.

This entry is also very short due to the lack of high speed internet.

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