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Caravan Days 6 and 7 – 108 Miles. Hopewell Rocks

We continued our travels around the Bay of Fundy and spent two days in a nice little campground called Ponderosa Pines just outside of Hopewell Rocks Regional Park.

Hopewell Rocks is the main draw to this part of the Bay of Fundy and our activities included walking on the ocean floor during low tide.

Hopewell's Lovers Rock at Low Tide
Hopewell’s Lovers Rock at Low Tide

And some people elected to go kayaking at low tide. So Claire, Ginger and I went back at high tide. Needless to say we didn’t attempt to walk on the ocean floor at high tide.

Flooded Hopewell Rocks
Lovers Rock at Hopewell during High Tide

Rather dramatically demonstrates the difference in the tides.

Note: Short posting due to limited internet bandwidth in Nova Scotia.

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