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Rondout Valley RV Campground – Trails Collection

Name: Rondout Valley RV Campground
Location: 105 Mettacahonts Road, Accord N.Y. 12404
Sewer: Most
Power: 30/50 – Some 30 only
WIFI: Available for extra $
Cellular: Fair to Poor
Date: June 2022
Comments: Yet another wonderful gem in the TT universe.

This is a Trails Collection park which means that it is managed by ELS (?) and reserves a number of spots for Thousand Trails members. We were lucky enough to get in there the week before fourth of July. Most of the people in this park are seasonals.

Everything was well maintained, including what was probably the largest pool we have seen in TT. There is a large open area with basketball courts, horseshoes and most importantly a stage where on Saturday nights, a local band plays for the guests

As mentioned before, it is mostly Seasonals with a lot of Park Models and Cabins on the property.

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