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Thousand Trails Snowflower

Name: Thousand Trails Snowflower – Emigrant Gap California
Location: 41776 Yuba Gap Drive, Emigrant Gap, CA 95715
Sewer: None
Power: 30 or 15
WIFI: None (perhaps near the lodge?)
Cellular: Excellent
Comments: This campground is about 1/2 way between Sacramento California and Reno Nevada. It is a very picturesque park set in the Sierras near Snowflower lake.
That being said, it is fairly rustic. It is divided into 5 major areas: The Cliffs, Upper, middle and lower Faun and the Redwood area where we were parked. There appears to be additional areas further into the campground, however when we went exploring it appeared that the Thousand Trails sites were not being maintained. There are additional private sites up there operated by something called Snowflower Inc.
The Cliffs are nestled under a rock cliff and is essentially a paved parking lot with hookups. It is favored by the Big Rig set and most the spots are fairly level.
Each of Fauns are above the lake where the sites vary in size and most are not very level. We noted several Class-As with the front wheels hanging in the Fauns.
The Redwood area is above the Fauns, has several cabins and once again the sites were not very level. To get level our front wheels were 8 inches off the ground.
This park seems to be favored by the ORV people. We are not sure where they go, but the park enforced a 5 MPH speed limit on everyone – including the ORVs so it really wasn’t a issue. The 5MPH limit is important since most of the roads are not paved and therefore dust is an issue.
We were there just before Memorial Day and the “Alpine Lodge” where the store and recreational equipment is stored was not yet open – It was set to open Memorial Day.
Behind the “Alpine Lodge”, was a decrepit old sky lift and a abandoned/neglected sky run. In addition the swimming pool, though filled with water, was a bright green and nowhere near being ready for use.
The showers, at least the ones we used, were old, somewhat shoddy, but serviceable. We think most people used their RV facilities and availed themselves of the $40.00 pump-out service offered by the park.

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