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May 2022 – Get Set to Go…

We have set May 23, 2022 as our departure date for the Summer Run. We have pulled the rig from Storage, repaired the dishwasher, a broken window, a broken drawer and redid the cab area.

We also replaced our 4 lead-acid batteries with 6 Battle-Born Lithium batteries. This very expensive upgrade greatly improves our boondocking (camping without hookups) endurance. We hope to boondock a lot more than we have in the past.

We also added Garmin GPS to replace the built in Rand-McNally GPS. Rand decided, at least in it’s post-bankruptcy state, to stop updating the maps and data for the particular GPS we had.

Gotta wonder what else they’ve stopped updating….

We’ve spent the last two weeks in the fairground RV park in Pleasanton, prepping, packing, vistiing family/friends, helping one kid move, getting Doctored etc. It will be a relief to get on the road and maybe get some rest.

The Fairground RV park is part of one of the best kept secrets of RVing – Staying at County and State fairgrounds. A lot of them (most?) have RV hookups. These parks tend to be plain – not much more than parking places, but are usually available when nothing else is.

Pleasanton RV campgrounds is probably the only place local to our home location that allows itinerate (vs full time) parking in the housing crunched bay area.

In any event our time being “beached” is coming to a close and we are looking forward to being on the road again.


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