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Fantasy Taste of Mexico Tour 2-26-24 – Kickoff

We traveled from Salinas to Palm Springs where we spent two nights in the Tthousand Trails there. We drove around Palm Springs a bit to do some sightseeing, bur really didn’t see anything worth stopping for.

We did see a famous YouTuber Big Truck Big Travels who was staying at the same RV Park.

After a day of rest we continued our travels to the Caravan rendezvous point just outside of Why Arizona. We arrived there with no incidents.

We had a couple of days before the official start of the Caravan/Rally, so Claire got an introduction to Indian Fry Bread in the nearby town of Ajo. She discovered that Indian Fry Bread is on Noons Orange list.

We will have our Travel Briefing on Monday and then will travel the 60 some odd miles into Puerta Penasco on Tuesday moning.

Note: The “Where” button on the web page will not be showing our position in Mexico. The button uses our position as reported by Amateur Radio APRS and we are not licesned for Amateur radio in Mexico.

Why Arizona
Why Arizona

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