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Caravan Days Days 25 – 32 Fairbanks, Artic Circle and Denali

From Tok it was an easy drive into Fairbanks, where we stopped in North Pole Alaska – just outside of Fairbanks, at KOA that was formerly known as the Chena River RV Resort.

In Fairbanks we did the Salmon Bake at Pioneer Park, went to a stage show in the park, did the Riverboat and Dredge 8. All if these are very famous and are must do’s to anyone visiting Fairbanks in the summer.

Jerald got a special trip that ticked off a bucket list item and flew on a two engine bush plane from Fairbanks to Coldfoot Alaska, about 60 miles north of the Artic Circle. He then got a bus ride back to Fairbanks stopping at both Artic Circle and the Yukon River.

After Fairbanks,, which is the most northerly we will go on this Caravan, we took a took a short jog down the Parks highway to Denali National Park.

Denali is more of preserve rather than a park. Vehicles are greatly limited and visits to the interior of the park are limited to docent led bus rides.

The RV park we stayed at was not much, but they did have a gift show where the husband could wait outside while the wife shops inside.

Jerald on the Husbands Bench at Denali
Jerald on the Husbands Bench at Denali

We did an -outdide-of-the-caravan tour by doggonit of Cantwell. This is a racing dog kennel in Cantwell that is run by Mike Santos, his wife and son. Their tour is unique in that when you show up at their kennel they hand you a sled dog puppy.

Jerald and Claire with a puppy.
Jerald and Claire with a puppy.

AFter Denaili, we headed down the road to Anchorage.

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