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Caravan Days 3 Thru 6

So after we left Coeur De Alene we drove about 183 miles, crossing into Canada and settling in for the night at Fort Steele Alberta.

Crossing the border was uneventful, with just the normal questions asked. Of course we had passports (he looked at those), health certificate for Ginger and a variety of other papers we thought they might want. He just asked us where we were going and the usual question (firearms etc.) and wished us a safe trip.

Our first night was in the Fort Steele RV park. This is close to the Fort Steele heritage town. Unfortunately, due to a late start we didn’t have time to do much more than walk once around the heritage park. It looked quite interesting and offered a number of demonstrations and exhibits.

The next morning we took off from Calgary and drive about 250 miles. We only got lost once when the Navigator (Claire) got distracted (phone call from our daughter) and we missed a turn. The ever faithful GPS got us back to the approved route and we ending up camping with the Caravan in the parking lot of the Calgary Stampers – a CFL football team. In the evening just to check it out, we took a train into the Stampede Grounds and saw a performing dog show.

The next morning Fantasy treated us to a breakfast in the Calgary Tower.

The Calgary Tower
The Calgary Tower

After breakfast, we were on our own and walked downtown Calgary before heading home to take Ginger on a long walk.

Downrtown Calgary
Downrtown Calgary

Of Course, we had to do some shopping

Claire in Cowboy Hat
Claires New Cowboy Hat

I have to admit, the accommodations were not luxurious

Caravan Campsite
Caravan Campsite

What can be said about the Calgary Stampeded that has not already been said. It’s a lot of fun. But after two days we will pull out and had to Banff.

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