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Accord NY to Moody Beach, Wells Maine – 296 Miles

From Accord, we quickly got onto the I-95 – which was a bit of a relief. On the way up to Accord we had a bit of a scare where we got onto a road that had a 12 foot Railway overpass. We are 13foot 6 inches. Fortunately we bailed off the road and managed to get turned around fairly quickly.

I95 to Wells was fairly uneventful even with a short detour to Costco for fuel. We found the Moody Beach RV park where we were headed hiding behind a mini-golf/go cart/arcade kids attraction. We quickly, thanks to some friendly locals, got directions to a recommended “Lobster Pound” and got our first Maine Lobster roll. We also discovered that the beach at Moody Beach was dog friendly after 6pm.

The beach, which by the way was Wells Beach, rather than Moody Beach, was a little different from beaches we had experienced in the past. The beach was very flat with a gentle slope to the water. We believe most of the beach flooded at high tide all the way to the sea wall where the houses stood. This made for a compacted sand beach that was a real pleasure to walk on.

Ginger loved it.

The next day, Ginger got left in the camper and we went on a foodie tour in Kennebunkport. There we learned there are two two towns: Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. The good folks on Kennebunkport couldn’t come up with a name on their own so they added “port” to name of their next door neighbor.

The foodie tour was conducted by a very nice lady who in the non-summer months was a High School teacher. We got equal doses of local history and local cuisine.

It was wonderful.

We did a lot of exploring, eating a lot of lobster and found out about private beaches in Maine.

In California, you can only own property to the high water mark on the coast. You also have to provide public access to the beach. In Maine you can own to the low water mark – essentially the entire beach. This has enabled the property owners in Moody Beach to make Moody Beach private – complete with walls, no trespassing signs etc.

Ogunquit and Wells are both very touristy towns: Lots of Lobster Pounds, Ice Cream Parlors and many mini-golf places. Kennebunkport less so. That seemed to be a high end (i.e. the Bush Family) vacation home place.

We enjoyed the area quite a bit.

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